Stomach Virus

My chiropractor recently told me that I really have a stomach virus – not necessarily influenza.  I was wondering what frequencies to use for a stomach virus specifically.  The closest thing I could find was “nausea” but nothing for stomach viruses specifically.

Do you have any suggestions?  I’m still experiencing gastro symptoms after 2 weeks now.

The virus would have to be identified.  Then you could use the zapper according to the virus frequencies printed in the instruction book.  Usually Bacteria invade the stomach, and gastro is inevitably a sign of stomach bacteria.  Virus usually inhabit blood and cells and are often easily killed by stomach acids.  Bacteria have built resistance to stomach acids and can thrive in these acidic conditions.

You must also combine a Zapper treatment with “Stabilized Liquid Oxygen” to oxygenate the stomach (and body) with a liquid oxygen supplement.  You can buy this online or at your natural health shops.

I would recommend 30 drops in water 3 times a day as a minimum treatment prescription.

This is one example of the product available:

This will eliminate all Bacteria and Virus from the stomach and intestines.



This is our opinion and our experience.  We are not doctors and are not qualified to give medical advice we encourage you to check with your own health care provider.


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