Varigamma for Lyme?

Can I use a Varigamma for Lyme Disease

I would advise not to purchase Varigamma, because it uses a very small 100ma battery at 9 volt.  Proof is in the sales of Rife Digital.  Powerful output of 2000ma and 12volts makes all the difference for a successful healing treatment program.

re Lyme, from one of Doc Pete’s email copies.

Dear *,

Lyme disease is caused by Gram-negative spirochetal bacteria from the genus Borrelia. The Borrelia species that cause Lyme disease are collectively known as Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato

The spread of B. burgdorferi is aided by the attachment of the host protease plasmin to the surface of the spirochete. If untreated, the bacteria may persist in the body for months or even years, despite the production of anti-B. burgdorferi antibodies by the immune system

A Rife Digital set on (below) frequencies will help target the B Gram-negative spirochetal bacteria:  For example in the CAFL book supplied with Rife Digital:

Lyme Disease Frequencies: 0.65, 2.50, 7.50, 25.23, 70.00, 42.50, 95.67, 175.00, 523.01, 682.02



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