How To Use The Sweep and Run


As part of the Sweep description it says …run a Frequency Set at intervals of 10 min per program. Does this mean it will cycle thru a set of frequencies repeatedly for 10 min? and then wait for 10 min and so on?    Is it possible to set the time you want it to work on each frequency, say 3 sec  each or 10 sec each etc..   within the set?


The frequencies are set to 10 minutes each.  If you wish to run shorter times then use the RUN command and do the frequency adjustments manually.
According to the manual, a requirement of 10 minutes is the minimal requirement for a comprehensive treatment at each frequency:

(From Instruction Book for Rife or Zapper)

5. Treatment Modes 5.1.
MANUAL <RUN> Mode: In RUN-mode, you are working on a single frequency and you can control the treatment time manually (e.g. RUN a single frequency for one hour, or manually run the frequency for 7 minutes on, and press RUN again to pause for a 10-minute break etc.). You do treatments with RUN-mode when you want to work specifically with only one frequency and when you know the actual frequency you want to work with. You can use a single frequency for many hours and another for five minutes




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  1. I am using the ultra zapper. I just used the run frequency at 100.0 for i/2 hr. on, and 15min. off. I put the straps on the palm of my hands, but mostly on my abdomen. I can’t use the straps on the bottom of my feet, because of neuropathy in my feet from chemo. After using the zapper for 21 days, I had blood work done, and there was no improvement shown for my cancer numbers which are rising. I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in Oct. 2010, but have had many chemo treatments and surgery so far. After surgery the cancer numbers went down some, but then started to go up again. I was wondering if the zapper can kill this aggressive form of cancer in me. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I am desperate for help.

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