How To Use the Straps

Using the straps in sensitive skin area despite the above described tingling sensation for a long time, can cause a local rash. If you really need to treat at these locations, please move the straps regularly every few minutes, in case of tingly sensation. The best places to conduct treatments over a longer time period are the palms of your hands and/or soles of your feet.

7.5. How to wear Straps Caution Using Straps on the Wrists may cause skin irritation The best place to carry out several hours of treatment (such as overnight) is the soles of the feet in a way that the stainless steel button touches the bottom of your feet. The soles of the feet have very thick skin and are able to tolerate long periods of electrotherapy. We recommend using the straps preferably at the soles of the feet in a way that the blue conductive coating touches the undersides of the feet. The stainless steel button must always touch the soles.



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