Rife and Zapping For Pets

I have many clients who have used Rife Digital on their dogs or cats;  To use Rife Digital with dogs,  cut open an old pillow and thread the straps through until the 2 silver buttons on the wrist-straps are exposed at the top.  Connect the straps to the Rife Digital and encourage the dog to sleep on his “new pillow”.  The Rife will connect to the underbelly of the dog when he lies down, and allow the treatment processes to commence.  Use the Leukemia settings from the Rife book for this treatment, as the Human frequency ranges will also apply to dogs.

We find at times the dog may chew the cable or strap.  This appears to happen more frequently with younger dogs and puppies.  Most of the older dogs 4-5+ just fall asleep soon after attachment.  The healing process works well during the sleep period.

Select the appropriate  frequency setting in the CAFL book provided. program them in to the zapper.  Zap as long as possible.



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