More On The Differences

Now there are differences between the Rife Machine and Zapper Digital.  Full Rife Machines are exceptionally more powerful devices and have a light tube attached to them.  The Rife machine runs on 110v AC which is converted down to 12/24DC inside the machine.  This output stage is about 4000ma, and is then connected to a frequency generator (very similar device to Zapper Digital).  The output from the Frequency generator drives a Coil, similar to that found inside a car.  This coil produces up to 10,000volts. this is then connected to a “Phanotron Tube”, a very expensive light tube filled with rare gasses.  The person sits in front of the tube with their feet on a steel plate connected to ground.  The frequencies travel through the body and heal the body through the light produced by this powerful tube. The closer to the tube you sit, the greater the penetration of the frequencies.  Good Rife machines with all accessories will cost you $4000 – $5000,  You can also buy simple Frequency Generators like Zapper Digital for under $450 which are only 1 stage or part of the entire Rife setup”

(Dr Susan:)
Phyllis, This may be why your friend only used the Rife Machine for 5 minutes.  If you understand the technical information above, you will see that Rife Machines produce frequencies in a much more powerful way than your Zapper can do, simply because the frequencies are travelling through the source of “Light” rather than the wire attached to the feet or hands.  To do a similar function, one may need to use a Zapper for a much longer time, like 1 hour and 40 minutes, to get anywhere near the results of a 10,000v Rife Machine.  The output of Zapper Digital is only 4.5v (multimeter reading), low enough to be safe for children, yet not so high as to cause a major Herxheimer reaction.
I have included a picture here from the website, if you have pictures activated on your gmail, with straps fitted to the hands, and to the feet.
For more information or to purchase click Here for HealthProducts2 or Here for RifeDigital

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