MHz & Straps

The Straps supplied with Zapper digital have a stainless steel button “plate” attached to the bottom of them.  This allows for “Plate Zapping” and also allows freedom of movement of the feet while plate zapping..

Zapper Digital MHz is supplied with 4 straps which can be used on all hands and feet simultaneously, or if you choose just on the feet or the hands.

For more information click here for HP2 and here for HuldaClarkZappers


Posted on May 4, 2011, in Straps, Zappers. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Michael Whiteman

    I have the Zapper but I seem to have a hard time keeping the metal button touching my soles. The whole strap is conductive and was wondering if the button has to be touching at all times, it seems to slip away from my foot over night. What are your suggestions?

    • Hi Michael, the entire strap is conductive though it is preferred to have the silver touch the skin. We do have flex straps that will be going out with all future orders. I am sending you a set.

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