The Two Types of Rife Machines

There are 2 types of Rife Machines, One type, uses the Phanotron Tube light and are quite expensive, The other is the Strap model or hand held tubes model, which is the model Rife Digital is based on.
The Phanotron tube models are the best machines, but for an average machine you will be paying up to $7000 per machine.  The “Light” systems that cost so much more, because the Phanatron light bulbs are very expensive, and require a special amplifier to run them which puts out over 10,000 volts!  It is very difficult to find anyone these days selling this model, and those that do are building them in their ‘garage’ by hand.  A commercial version is sold by Resonant Light Machines for $7000.
You can hook up Rife Digital to a Phanotron tube, however you have to get the amplifier built privately or go for the commercial versions.
To purchase the Rife Digital or to see more information click Here for HealthProducts2 and Here for Rife Digital.

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