Programming the Rife Bioresonanz or the Ultimate

For the programming of Rife Digital with specific frequencies from the CAFL frequency book, follow page 5 of the “Quickstart manual” for the programming of the selected frequency into the device:

(1) Look up a Frequency Set in the CAFL book
(There are 10 frequencies for each illness)

(2) Press P (PROGRAM) key  to enter P Program mode
(3) Press 
564Keys to find your frequency
(above example 002.78Khz)
(4) Press 
P (PROGRAM) key again to record frequency.

(5)  Screen Displays  Wait….

(6)  Frequency is recorded into memory

(7) Do this (PROGRAM) for all 10 Frequencies in the CAFL book

(Now you have recorded all 10 frequencies from the CAFL book into the machine)

(8) Put Wriststraps on the soles of your feet, with the colored (blue/green) rubber facing the soles.

(9) Press SWEEP key to begin electro-therapy session.

(10) Frequencies may not run in the order you placed them, this will not affect the therapy session, as long as all frequencies are ‘run to completion’.

(11) Frequency Presets in positions 1-10 will be run for 10 minutes each. 

(12)  Cycle is “LOOP”: continuously

(13) Press SWEEP key (or Off) to finish the session manually

For common illnesses, Bacteria and Parasite cleanses use the Rife Digital for a period of 21 days.  1-2 sessions per day are adequate (10 Frequencies x 10 minutes x 2)

More serious disease conditions will require extended sessions of up to 3 months (Cancer  / Lymes Disease for example)  It is safe in this instance to use the Rife Digital with the straps around the feet (Silver buttons facing the soles), and use the machine for overnight treatments.

For more information and/or to purchase click Here for Healthproducts2 and Here for RifeDigital.



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