Getting Started With The Rife

  • In order to get started with Rife Digital, the simple method is the “2 button Quick Start”
  • Plug in the straps and put them on your feet with the silver button facing the soles.
  • Plug the white country adapter into the wall socket and place the Germany adapter in the white adapter.  The red light will appear on the Rife Digital.
The 2 Steps:
  1. Press the ( I ) ON key in the top right corner
  2. Press <SWEEP> (Green Frequency light is now on)
The Rife Digital will run all the lower and upper default factory presets.  These are general defaults which run through all of the essential healing and detox frequency ranges.  You can use the Rife Digital on the feet for 1 hour and 40 minutes (This is 10 frequencies x 10 minutes) or for more serious diseases consider using the Rife Digital with straps attached to the soles of the feet for the entirety of the night.
For more information click Here for HealthProducts2 and Here for RifeDigital

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