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Yaws:  0.57,  5.00, 32.50, 50.00, 90.00, 319.34, 522.53, 689.93, 752.63, 910.25

Yellow Fever: 0.05, 7.50, 17.50, 47.50, 96.50, 475.05, 527.00, 657.11, 753.23, 987.23

Yersinia Infections: 0.15, 5.50,  12.85, 35.16, 93.50, 269.71, 426.90, 571.00, 822.00, 937.41,

Yersinosis: (see Yersinia Infections)

Use Electro- Therapy Devices carefully as extended use on sensitive skin may result in a localized rash. Using on palms of the hand or under the soles of the feet is the suggested method to avoid skin rash. If you need to do localized zapping on sensitive areas, such as the stomach, neck etc., continue to re-locate the STAINLESS STEEL pad (on wrist-strap) every few minutes to prevent skin rash.


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