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This book has been compiled by medical researchers who use “Electro – Therapy” devices such as the Royal Rife Machine or the Dr Hulda Clark Digital Programmable Zappers, (FG Machines).

The particular frequencies reflect successful treatments of patients at various Khz frequency adjustable Zapper settings.  The medical practitioners have made notes of the range of frequencies for a particular disease where treatment was successful.  This is then transcribed into this booklet.

The CAFL frequencies are originally in Hertz, this book transcribes all frequencies into Khz (x 1000) to suit the Royal Rife Machine and Zapper Digital. Frequencies within this book reflect successful treatment using Zapping treatments (Electo-Therapy).  They may not always be a cure for a disease, but the frequencies will assist in the relief of many diseases and illnesses. Many Parasite specific illnesses can be treated and cured through the specific frequency programs outlined in this book.

Following a zapping program, may involve using 10 – 15 frequency settings over a period of weeks to resolve the disease or illness.

Introduction: The CAFL book provides Royal Rife Machine and Zapper Digital users a programmable guide to use their Electronic Therapy device with various illnesses and diseases. This book has been adapted from the CAFL Frequency list for use with this Digital Device. The Frequencies in this book reflect the programmable output on the PANEL display in Khz.

C.A.F.L. Association holds no guarantees that the Royal Rife Frequencies within this book will cure any specific disease, The listing is a guide compiled by Electro-Therapy medical staff, who have had successful results at these particular frequencies. It has been advised by all Medical Practitioners, that Pregnant women, or people using pace makers should not use Rife Machines or Electro-Therapy Devices.

Use Electro- Therapy Devices carefully as extended use on sensitive skin may result in a localized rash. Using on palms of the hand or under the soles of the feet is the suggested method to avoid skin rash. If you need to do localized zapping on sensitive areas, such as the stomach, neck etc., continue to re-locate the STAINLESS STEEL pad (on wrist-strap) every few minutes to prevent skin rash.

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